Welcome to IUPUC!

Welcome and congratulations on your admission to IUPUC! We want you to be successful in college, and New Student Orientation is your first step to doing exactly that.

We will be offering six orientations. You will have the opportunity to meet some of your fellow classmates and see your new campus. You'll also meet some of IUPUC's faculty and staff and receive an introduction to the many resources available on campus to support your academic success.

Complete your online Canvas module to unlock registration for your in-person orientation day!

Your orientation Canvas module has important information about IUPUC resources that you can return to throughout your time as a student. After you've completed your module, you'll register for one of the following 2023 orientation days:

  • Friday, May 5 (recommended for transfer and nontraditional students)
  • Friday, June 2
  • Friday, June 9
  • Friday, July 21
  • Friday, July 28
  • Friday, August 11
Before progressing with orientation, make sure to click the "Join this course" button on the course homepage to officially enroll.

Get ready for orientation

Make the most of your orientation day

Create your IU account so you can log into a campus computer for your IT Basics Session and your Academic Advising/Class Registration session. Give yourself about 15 minutes and make sure you have your 10-digit University ID number (from your admissions letter) and a device to enroll in Two-Step Login on hand.

Can't find your ID number? Look it up here.

It is important that you complete this process and set up Duo Two-Step Login so you are ready to participate on orientation day.

During your academic advising appointment, your academic advisor will refer to your ALEKS Math Placement Exam score to determine which math course you should register for. You'll have a chance to take the test on orientation day, but we recommend completing it now so you don't miss any of the sessions and activities we've planned for you!

Schedule your ALEKS Math Placement Exam

If you have already taken college math courses or an AP/CLEP math exam, you may qualify for an ALEKS Math Placement Exam Waiver. If you’d like to request a waiver, please submit your request at least 48 hours before orientation.

What to expect

Get ready for a big welcome!

You'll meet Shelley Arroyo, Assistant Director of Student Affairs, and Zach McClellan, Athletics Director, and be in the know about events and opportunities you can look forward to during your first semester and beyond!

You'll also spend time with our Orientation Leaders, who are current IUPUC students, and hear their pro tips for having an enjoyable and successful college experience. Together, you'll get to know our campus as you race against the clock to find the most stops on an interactive scavenger hunt.


Study like a pro

 To succeed in your college courses, you'll need strong study skills. Unlike high school, most of your work will happen outside the classroom. Most college students should spend about three hours studying independently for every hour they spend in class. Christopher Sims, your Educational Resources Specialist, will show you how to use your study time effectively. Learn tips for note-taking, explore important resources that can help you on research projects, and start your first semester with confidence.

Career preparation starts now

When we ask new IUPUC students which part of college they are most looking forward to, many are most excited to be taking a big step towards their career goals. Amy Kleinert, Associate Director of Career Services, will show you how career development occurs at every step of your college journey, and share valuable advice about what you can do--starting right now--to excel in the professional world.


Become a tech expert

One.IU, Canvas, OneDrive, IUWare, IUanyWare... we use a lot of tech on our campus! At orientation you'll get hands-on practice with IU's many tech resources and learn how to make them work for you. 

Before you attend orientation, log in to One.IU to make sure you know your username and password. If you've forgotten your information, our IT team can reset it as long as you've brought your photo ID.

Frequently asked questions

Check-in begins at 8AM, and each orientation lasts from 8:30AM-5PM.

If you've taken an ALEKS Math Placement Test (or received a waiver), met with your academic advisor, and enrolled in classes, your orientation day will conclude around 3PM. If you have steps to enrollment left to complete, you should expect to have an academic advising appointment between 3PM and 5PM. We'll have games and puzzles in The Landing (our student lounge) for you while you wait.

To conclude your orientation at 3PM, visit iupuc.edu/nextsteps and follow the instructions there to get enrolled and have some extra time to relax on your orientation day.

There are three things you should bring to orientation:

  • Your IU username and password
    • To keep it safe, memorize your password instead of writing it down.
    • Don't share your password with anyone. To allow your parent or another third party user to view your personal information or your Bursar bill, follow these instructions.
  • A photo ID
    • You will need a photo ID so that University IT Services can create your CrimsonCard.
    • If you've forgotten your password, University IT Services will need to verify your ID before they help you reset it.
  • Your phone
    • You will need your phone or other device that you have enrolled in Two-Step Login (Duo) in order to access your IU account.

If you can't remember what day your orientation will be, check the email address you used to register for your confirmation, email universitycollege@iupuc.edu, or call or text (812) 348-7200.

To reschedule your orientation, email universitycollege@iupuc.edu or call or text (812) 348-7200.

Questions? We have answers!

Need help or have a question? Give us a call or send us an email.

University College
Phone: 812.348.7200
Email: universitycollege@iupuc.edu