Find My Applicant Type and Counselor

Find Your Applicant Type

Students come to IUPUC with a variety of backgrounds and education levels. It's important that you select the proper applicant type when you complete the Apply IU application form.

Click the plus sign to see a description and confirm that you have the correct applicant type before you apply.

Freshman applicants are defined as students who will graduate high school during the current school year or have already graduated from high school, have earned a GED or high school equivalency diploma, or have completed at least 12 credit hours of college coursework following high school.

Returning applicants are defined as students who have previously attended IUPUC as a degree-seeking student, even if they have attended another college or university since last attending IUPUC.

Transfer applicants are defined as students who have completed at least 12 credit hours of college coursework following high school. There are two types of transfer students:

  • Intercampus Transfer – These are students transferring from another IU Campus, and can be permanent transfers or temporary transfers (those just taking a few classes, but remaining at their current campus to graduate).
    • Note that temporary intercampus transfers should not use the Apply IU app. Instead, contact an admissions counselor for information about how to transfer in to take just a few classes.
    • External Transfer – These are students who are transferring from a college or university outside of the IU system.

If you have already completed a bachelor's degree and are looking to continue your education, IUPUC offers three challenging Indiana University master's degrees:

M.B.A. – Master’s in Business Administration

M.H.C. – Master’s in Mental Health Counseling

M.S.N. – Master of Science in Nursing – Family Health Practitioner

Non-degree seeking Graduates

Visiting students are defined as students who have graduated high school who want to enroll for a limited period of time (i.e. one semester), want to enroll for personal enrichment without pursuing a degree, or are currently attending a non-IU institution but want to attend IUPUC for a course or two.

Juniors or seniors in high school can take 100- and 200-level courses at IUPUC before they graduate and earn IU credit towards a degree from IUPUC, another IU campus, or another institution.

If you are an international student, we recommend that you speak with an Admissions Counselor before you submit your application. You can email or call 812.348.7211 to set up an appointment.

Our Undergraduate Admissions Counselors

Elizabeth Connolly

Elizabeth Connolly
Admissions Counselor

Phone: 812.348.7316

Jayne Morris

Jayne Morris
Admissions Counselor

Phone: 812.348.7211


River Garrett
Admissions Counselor

Phone: 812.348.7288

Find Your Admission Counselor

Use the tables below to identify who your admissions counselor is.  

Freshman Applicants

High School*Counselor
Batesville High SchoolElizabeth Connolly
Brown County High SchoolJayne Morris
Brownstown Central High SchoolJayne Morris
Center Grove High SchoolRiver Garrett
Columbus Christian SchoolJayne Morris
Columbus East High SchoolJayne Morris
Columbus North High SchoolJayne Morris
Columbus Signature AcademyJayne Morris
Crothersville Senior High SchoolJayne Morris
Edinburgh Community High SchoolRiver Garrett
Franklin Community High SchoolRiver Garrett
Greensburg Christian AcademyRiver Garrett
Greensburg Community High SchoolRiver Garrett
Greenwood Christian AcademyRiver Garrett
Greenwood Community High SchoolRiver Garrett
Hauser  Jr-Sr High SchoolJayne Morris
Indian Creek Senior High SchoolRiver Garrett
Jac-Cen-Del Senior High SchoolRiver Garrett
Jennings County High SchoolRiver Garrett
Liberty Christian AcademyJayne Morris
Medora High SchoolJayne Morris
Milan High SchoolRiver Garrett
Morristown Jr-Sr High SchoolRiver Garrett
North Decatur Jr-Sr High SchoolRiver Garrett
Oldenburg AcademyElizabeth Connolly
Sandy Creek Christian Academy, SeymourJayne Morris
Seymour High SchoolJayne Morris
Shelbyville High SchoolRiver Garrett
South Decatur Jr-Sr High SchoolRiver Garrett
South Ripley High SchoolRiver Garrett
Southwestern High SchoolRiver Garrett
Trinity Lutheran High SchoolJayne Morris
Triton Central High SchoolRiver Garrett
Waldron Jr-Sr High SchoolRiver Garrett
Whiteland Community High SchoolRiver Garrett

Transfer Applicants

Bartholomew CountyJayne Morris
Brown County Jayne Morris
Decatur CountyRiver Garrett
Franklin CountyElizabeth Connolly
Jackson CountyJayne Morris
Jennings CountyRiver Garrett
Johnson CountyRiver Garrett
Ripley CountyRiver Garrett
Shelby CountyRiver Garrett


Graduate and International Students

Graduate Students

Master's in Business Administration (MBA) – Amy Kleinert / 812.348.7202

Master's in Mental Health Counseling (M.H.C.) – Jayne Morris / 812.348.7211

Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) – Melissa Wilson / 812.348.7269 

International Students


Phone: 812-348-7211