Virtual Visit


Hello, and welcome to our virtual visit!

Here you will find all the information you would typically receive at one of our in-person VIP Days in an online format. We hope you enjoy exploring our campus virtually and we cannot wait to meet you in-person.

If at any point you have questions about IUPUC or would like more information about our programs, please feel free to email us at or call/text our main admissions line at (812) 348-7390. Our admissions counselors are still working normal hours and are eager to assist you!

The following video provides a short introduction to the campus, academic programs, and resources.

Why Our Students Love IUPUC

We may have a small campus, but we provide big opportunities for our students. With access to 380 study abroad programs through Indiana University, student research opportunities, an honors program, on-campus employment, and a variety of student clubs and organizations, IUPUC offers students a unique college experience that fosters personal growth and achievement in a close-knit community.

Why Choose IUPUC?

Experienced Faculty

Our faculty have diverse backgrounds, but two things they all have in common is a love of teaching and the desire to help students grow academically and professionally. Most of our faculty members have a long career in their respective industry before teaching; which means they present real-world examples, challenges, and application in the classroom.


Student Opportunities

Our campus provides students with big opportunities. From presenting research in California, to spending a semester in New Zealand, we have a variety of programs to help you grow. While we have many travel opportunities, you also have the chance to start a club, pursue on-campus employment, participate in our Excellence in Leadership Initiative, and get involved in our many on-campus programs.


Welcoming Community

We are the Crimson Pride because our focus is on community-building and providing students with the platform they need to succeed in college and after graduation. Students receive the support they need from fellow students, faculty, and a network of support services we provide. It is easy to make new friends with our small class sizes and campus events!

Take a Virtual Campus Tour

Take a video tour of campus to see the classrooms, labs, library, divisional offices and other places on campus, as well as learn more about the programs offered at IUPUC.

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